Grout Sealer

Grout sealer is a water-based or solvent-based sealant used to seal grout. Any of Glaze N Seal's sealers can be used as a grout sealer, the most appropriate for sealing grout is our Acrylic Grout sealer. This is an easy to apply, clear non-yellowing film forming grout sealer that makes grout "as tough as tile" while providing excellent stain resistance against tough oils, acid, and food stains. Another recommended grout sealer is our Stone Sealant Impregnator. This is a very easy to use water base penetrating sealer that usually requires only one coat. The penetrating grout sealers are much easier to apply. If you get excess penetrating grout sealer on your tile or stone, no worries... you can just buff off the excess with a clean dry cloth. If you get a film forming grout sealer on the tile or stone, it is critical to remove it before it dries. If allowed to dry on tile, the film forming grout sealer may need to be removed with a paint & coating stripper, acetone or nail polish remover. Our grout sealer may be applied one day after grouting. It is easy to use, safe, low maintenance & economical. Grout sealer is essential for tile work. Grout is a porous substance. If left unprotected, it may require a costly professional cleaning.

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